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Oval wooden necklace with silver sterling

Necklace Length

Wearing wood jewelry is not only a way to show off your unique style, but wooden jewelry is trending.

The design possibilities of wood are greater than any other materials, and due to this reason, it can be easily carved into different shapes and designs.

Our necklace is handcrafted from real solid walnut wood, shaped as an oval with eleven slanted silver dots.

The necklace is extremely lightweight, comfortable to wear, and  smooth to the touch. 

This beautiful wood necklace is complete with a silver chain.


Package Include: Oval wooden necklace with silver sterling

Materials: Solid walnut wood, Silver Sterling 925.

Oval Pendant Dimensions:

  • Length: 26 mm
  • Width: 16 mm
  • Depth: 5 mm

11 silver sterling dots are set into the wood pendant.