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Open Crossover Sterling Silver Thumb Ring | Hammered Thumb Ring | Textured Finish | Adjustable Thumb ring | Silver thumb ring | Crossover


Silver represents moon energy and it is a symbol of purity, clarity and the feminin energy. 

Silver is considered one of the noble metals, it is strong yet malleable, its ability to create an ultimate unique look is magnificent, also it will withstand heat, time, and weather.

Our ring is an open crossover ring, simple but elegant. Hand crafted with sterling silver wire, gently hammered for a beautiful textured finish and polished to shine.  

The open circle ring represents life and endlessness, as a circle with no beginning or end so do the experiences and opportunities that life presents us.

This style of ring looks great when worn on the thumb or any finger, alone or with other rings. 

Can be worn by both men and women.It’s smooth inside and comfortable to wear.

A lovely and unique piece to match the everyday outfit. 

The ring is adjustable, you can pull it looser or squeeze it tighter.