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Double Knotted Open Bangle

In the design world, knots are actually a good thing.

The design is a complex feat. The knot has no start or end point, it loops around itself continuously.

As a result, a double knot having two interlacing bows has come to signify interwoven affections and infinite love. 

"When two things are knotted together, they are inseparable and unbreakable," says Lee Paytner, a designer from the British jewelry atelier Latelita. "This is why knots are often used to symbolize unity. 

This sleek and minimalist design is made of strands of exquisite polished sterling silver that have been entwined into a knot and then formed by hand to create this stunning double knot bangle.

This lightweight adjustable bracelet is thick, solid, and sturdy!

It's a nice knot design and it feels nice to wear, the open styling will ensure that the  bangle adapts to most wrists.

Stylish, easy to wear, alone or stack it with your other bracelets. 

Every part of this item is handmade with care and love. We carefully inspect the quality and pay attention to the small details to ensure that the final results are something we are proud of to show and share. 

Perfect gift idea: friend forever, engagement.