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Adjustable Love Hug Ring


Silver represents moon energy and it is a symbol of purity, clarity and the feminin energy. 

Silver is considered one of the noble metals, it is strong yet malleable, its ability to create an ultimate unique look is magnificent, also it will withstand heat, time, and weather.

The materials used in our open rings are reliable, ensure their durability, and the exquisite plating brings them beautiful glossy and smooth surfaces.

Our open crossover ring is hand crafted with sterling silver wire, designed with two tiny  hands at each end, which looks novel and lovely.

Can show the love and intimate relationship between lovers as well as express comfort, encouragement and tolerance,

They are not easy to fade or irritate your skin, which can give you a comfortable wearing experience and serve you for a long time.

A hug can instantly lift spirits and bring peace and calmness to the mind and body. A hug is a powerful symbol of passion, friendship, love and protection.

We turned that hug into a simple hugging hand shape ring wrapping around your finger, to hold that deep impression. 

This hug ring is a perfect gift to show your love and support to your loved ones.