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Little bird necklace

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Bird motifs in jewelry have been stunning and always emblems life and joy. In today's world, we choose jewelry with the birds that we like without considering their symbolic meaning or the fact that they communicate something about our personality to those around us

There are amazing pieces of handmade sterling silver jewelry inspired by the different birds in nature.

Our handmade little bird necklace is inspired from old world sparrow birds. These tidy  winged creatures are symbols of productivity, cooperation, teamwork, and finding joy in the little things of life.

This amazing piece is handmade of sterling silver with a shiny smooth surface, solid, free of lead, and lightweight. 

Every part is handmade with care and love, paying attention to every part to ensure that the final result is something we are proud of to show and share.  

I would recommend removing these before going to bed, or taking a bath or shower. 

If you are looking for a cute gift for your reliable , trustworthy and supportive friend, you are in the right place. Or you can treat yourself by having this dainty necklace added to your wardrobe.