HandyGlory™ Crochet Jewelry Necklace


What more do you need beside a craft project and a hot cup of coffee ? A handmade necklace from HandyGlory House !!

To make these pendants , we did every step with our hands , with simple but uncommon technique , which gives the organic look , and makes each one of these necklaces intriguingly different , and varies from every other .

These handmade collection intended to make you STOP! Look twice and think . You will never see these necklaces sparkling in any women’s neck , but your own !

Each piece we created is made from start to finish with a creative and artistic soul , inspired by you !

Key pendant , big bottle, crochet in bottle , plated crochet , and two more owl crochet necklaces , who gives you a Boho and Hippie style , exceptionnel and unique look . 

This would make a wonderful gift for any keen crocheter.

Each pendant is made one at a time and takes many hours to make from start to finish. It is completely handmade with love and attention to details.

If you are a fan of original accessories, this is for you ! Because you deserve it .

This necklaces collection , makes a beautiful gift option that is sure to show how much you care .

How we made the crochet hook

This little piece went through several stages coupled with love and respect for you , we want share with you every step from the beginning until having this smooth , even and symmetrical crochet hook.

  1. We select the perfect piece of wood .
  2. Edit the size and shape by carving this piece with a specific machine.
  3. Choose the soft side to make a 45 degrees cut , to create the beginning of the hook .
  4. Finishing this little piece carefully with our hands. 

How to make little yarns

We passed by some steps to made this little handmade yarn , with all love and attention to details.

  1. Cut a little piece of tube
  2. Take a needle and a 100% real cotton’s thread
  3. Insert the needle and thread into the tube repeatedly until it becomes a ball of yarn
  4. Stick the sticker to make u always remember us .