Silver Yarn Guide Ring - Adjustable


HandyGlory - yarn quide ring is handcrafted from sterling silver 925 , designed and manufactured at our workshop. It is held on your finger while knitting and it keeps your yarns in perfect order. It makes knitting fun and easy!

This ring keeps good tension and can be worn on any finger on either hand.
Wear the knitting/crochet ring on the finger you usually wrap the yarn around for comfortable faster knitting or crocheting.

Recent customer review, "I love it, it really helps with the knitting! I knit faster with it! A "must have" for knitters!"

Each ring is individually made, so they will not all look the exact same.

"Making and designing a ring might not sound like a whole lot of work to the person buying online or walking into the studio to purchase, but in reality, there are so many steps involved, it would make you stop and appreciate the skill and craftsmanship going into it if you knew"

  photo from our workshop 

Details :

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Pure Silver 925